30 June 2014
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Invitation to Accounting Arts

We have once defined accounting as an art. In this consortium we are taking this definition literally! We invite contributors to submit their art works on multiparadigm accounting research in the form of:
i. Caricature/comic strips
Caricature or comic strip must be drawn on an A4 paper, scanned and submitted as an attached JPG file.
ii. Poems
Poems are submitted as an attached MSWord file. Selected poems will be read out loud during Gala Dinner and the closing ceremony.
iii. Music/song
Music and song on multiparadigm accounting research must be recorded (and in musical notation) and sent in 2 (two) CDs in the form of MP3 file.
iv. Drama/play
Drama/play on multiparadigm accounting research must be submitted in the form of scripts/dialogue/scenario, designed to be performed in 15 minutes.
All accounting artworks are copyrighted by the committee.

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